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Waterways & Locks.

Over the past 20 years, we have fabricated a variety of products for the waterways and locks sector. In addition to new lock gate installations, we are experienced in maintenance, repairs and servicing for existing lock gates that need rejuvenating. Our complete service ensures cost effective, high quality and reliable components that will stand up to the demanding environment within which they operate.

Our experience of working with a wide variety of metals across a broad range of industries means that we are able to advise on suitability of materials for a wide range of applications in the waterways and lock gate sector.

Our extensive in house knowledge and expertise within the waterways and locks sector enables us to fabricate a variety of lock gate designs and bespoke components including:

  • dry dock gates
  • sector gates
  • fishbelly gates
  • steel lock gates
  • traditional lock gates
  • lock maintenance and rejuvenation
  • lock gate component replacement

Painting and Finishing

Our extensive experience in lock gate fabrication and refurbishment means we are well placed to advise on appropriate surface finishes. Lock gates operate in harsh environments and are continuously subject to wet or even salty conditions. As such, as part of our complete service, we are able to advise on suitable surface finishes to provide adequate protection to minimise maintenance and ensure continued reliability. Our in house painting and finishing department can apply a range of surface finishes for a variety of applications within the waterways and lock gates industry.

Lock gate projects we have been involved with include:

  • Port Dundas Drop Lock
    A groundbreaking drop lock at Port Dundas in Scotland. We were appointed by designers Bennett Associates to manufacture two sets of lock gates. Instead of using traditional materials for the lock gates, a new approach to mitre lock gate design was used: the gates were designed and fabricated with an all steel construction.
  • 200 tonne dry dock gates
    Fabrication of a 30x12m horizontally pivoted lock gate to upgrade a dry dock facility in Glasgow including associated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects.
  • Lock gates for the Prescott Channel
    Fabrication of new lock gates and water control structure on Prescott Channel in Bromley-by-Bow to service large scale construction projects in the area. Fabrication of 6m high sector style lock gates and fishbelly impounding gates for impounding Bow Creek to allow barge access to the development and future boat use.
  • Holme Pierrepont
    Lock maintenance and rejuvenation.

For more information on our fabrication services for the waterways and locks sector or for a quote, please contact us on 0114 248 3711 or email us.