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About Hadee.

Prosperous beginnings

Hadee Engineering was first founded in 1969 and started life in Chesterfield on the Storforth Lane Industrial Estate.

The company prospered from the start and after 2 successful years in business, they moved to the Old Goods Yard at Renishaw. Continued growth in both customer base and manpower saw a move to its present site in Holbrook on the then newly formed Industrial Estate in 1977.

Expansion to a more broad based engineering capability

Following this move, Hadee’s management decided to expand its manufacturing activities from a purely welding and fabrication activity to a more broad based engineering capability. A new machining facility was opened to complement the existing fabricating services thus giving the company the capability to supply finished machined components and spares.

Prior to this, the company’s main activity was providing a works maintenance service including the supply of skilled personnel such as Platers, Welders, Fitters, Erectors etc. to supplement the labour forces of local industries. Although this service was somewhat diminished, mainly due to the demise of the larger industries in South Yorkshire, it still plays an important role in the company’s present activities.

Further expansion – a one stop shop

Around this time, Hadee formed its own project design team which expanded its capabilities even further. Hadee was now able to carry out projects on a much wider scale and to tackle turn-key projects, from the initial design right through to manufacture and final commissioning on site. A large number of local companies have taken advantage of this facility by installing some of the Hadee Designs which have resulted in large savings in labour and improved productivity thus producing greater savings.

A spin off from this development work has enabled the company to design and market some of its own product lines, i.e. charging systems for charging scrap into induction furnaces and centrifugally spun equipment.


Over the years the company has designed bespoke engineering products for the mining, tunnelling, sub sea, centrifugal casting machines and billet handling equipment for a number of clients.

Investment in equipment

Over the years the company has expanded its workshops and production facilities taking its covered shop floor capacity to 51,000 sq ft and uncovered area of 2.5 acres. It has also increased it’s craneage to 8 no. 10 tonne, 2 no. 20 tonne, 1 no. 35 tonne and 1 no. 60 tonne overhead cranes. The very latest C.N.C Plasma Profiling Machine together with band saws have also been installed to complement the extensive range of existing equipment.

The forefront of manufacturing in South Yorkshire

The latest acquisitions will enable Hadee to produce goods from all types of carbon steels to the most exotic stainless steels and aluminium. The resultant in increase in productivity and more importantly, quality has propelled Hadee to the forefront of manufacturing in South Yorkshire

Commitment to training

One of the many aspects the company has prided itself on over its history is its training record. It has always recruited apprentices, even during the recession of the early 80s. It is most rewarding to see a large proportion of its current labour force having been trained in house. This has given the company strength and together with its present management team, Hadee now has one of the most skilled workforces in the area.