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Painting & Finishing.

Our experience across a wide range of industries means that we have the expertise to advise on appropriate surface finishes for a variety of applications. We understand our clients’ requirements and the need to adequately protect fabricated items.

Few companies offer a painting and finishing service in house. As part of our comprehensive service, our 5,000 sq ft fettling and painting area enables us to of offer a variety of paint finishes for our fabrications. We use airless spray equipment to apply water or oil based paints to minimise contaminants for a harder wearing and more pristine finish.

Products that will be deployed in harsh environments, such as salty and wet conditions, need robust protection. Take for example the lock gates that we manufacture; products that are exposed to salty water require a rigorous anodised coating.

Hadee has also manufactured and finished sledges for movable buildings for the British Antarctic Survey in the Antarctic and also trailers for Siemens that were finished in anti-radar paint.

We also paint products for purely cosmetic purposes rather than protection. All items, whether large or small leave our factory painted, assuring you of a professional finish.

Products can be painted in whatever finish the client requires for the product. Painting and finishing services we can offer include:

  • Prime finish
  • Gloss finish
  • Galvanised finishes for products to prevent rust
  • Anodised finishes for harsh environments
  • Shot blasting
  • Various multi-coated systems

Reinforcing your corporate identity

Our fabrications can be painted and finished in company colours and logos to provide a strong visible corporate identity. We also supply metal name plates together with C E marking that are resistant to harsh conditions. Our nameplates further convey company branding as well as loadings, ratings and safety information and remain legible for many years.

For more information regarding painting and finishing services, please contact us on 0114 248 3711 or email us.