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Mechanical, Electrical & Hydraulics.

We have extensive expertise in designing, manufacturing and assembling mechanical, electrical and hydraulic functionality for a variety of products. We have our own in house experts in this field who consider the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects from the outset of a project so they can be fully integrated into the design.

Integrating the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic features of a product into the design from the outset potentially avoids costly alterations at a later stage in the project. We provide project management throughout the development of a product, from initial design and manufacture to assembly on site and final commissioning.

We have worked on a broad range of projects that have incorporated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic solutions including the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway track laying gantry crane, lifts for double deck lorries and Cathedral Green Swing Bridge in Derby.

We offer our mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services as part of our complete fabrication and manufacturing service. We provide a convenient ‘one stop shop’ in engineering services, saving our customers time, effort and money.

For more information regarding our mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services, please contact us on 0114 248 3711 or email us.

Image of Cambridge Guided Busway Gantry crane reproduced by kind permission of Atkins.