Fabricating & Welding Engineers

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Fabrication & Welding.

Our highly skilled workforce is experienced in manufacturing products for a multitude of applications across a broad range of industries. Our extensive fabrication and welding production area covers 35,000 square feet and has a maximum crane lifting capacity of 60 tonnes. We are able to fabricate products of any size from small buckets to large items that are of any transportable size.

We work with a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and copper. Our in house profile and plasma cutting capability includes an extensive range of CNC machinery and includes the largest plasma profile machine for large scale projects. We also have an extensive range of plate rolling, plate bending and plate shearing machinery.

If a product can be manufactured in steel, we have the expertise and equipment to fabricate and design for you.

We are particularly experienced in the welding of dissimilar metals, especially useful in the manufacture of gears and machine components. Over the years, we have developed a variety of techniques and explored in depth the science behind this complex process. Through our experience and knowledge of working with different metals, we have developed a specialised welding process in conjunction with the Welding Institute.

We have recruited and trained apprentices to a considerably high standard; a large proportion of our current labour force has been trained in house. As a result of our rigorous training processes and our sustained commitment to maintaining high standards, Hadee Engineering has one of the most skilled workforces in the UK. We have a meticulous Quality Management System in place. This combined with our expertise and team approach has enabled Hadee Engineering to attain ISO 9001:2015.

Large or small items

Hadee has the capacity to fabricate a wide range of items, whether large or small. Larger items we have fabricated include anaerobic digesters for household waste, power station fan cases, tooling and production facilities for Airbus A380 wing skins, gearboxes and an 18 metre bolted thickening tank for the mineral industry. We also fabricate a wide variety of smaller items including digger buckets and a wide variety of spare parts for most industries. Recent times have seen a high increase for demand of tunnelling equipment and temporary steel structures for numerous tier 1 construction companies.

Improving the efficiency of production processes

Hadee provides bespoke fabrication solutions to your engineering requirements and is able to help companies improve efficiency of production processes. By modifying existing plant, we can improve productivity and throughput without the major investment of purchasing new standalone plant.

Our cross industry experience and extensive knowledge means that we are able to quickly understand manufacturing processes and interpret specific problems within existing systems. We are then able to design and fabricate a cost effective and practical solution.

We work with our customers to interpret their ideas and use this as a basis to design and develop bespoke machinery and products that meet their needs. Our flexibility and ability to respond quickly enables us to adapt to changes in a design or specification.

For further information regarding our fabrication and welding services, please contact us on 0114 248 3711 or email us.